Our Team members

Walter Hart

Walter Hart is the founding father of Wiebel and the driving force behind many developments. Walter is a civil engineer from Delft University of Technology and is a Dutch and European patent attorney. He advises companies in the maritime industry on a regular basis.


Chrétien Verheijen

Chretien Verheijen provides advice on organisational development of the Wiebel project. Chretien Verheijen is an aeronautical engineer from the Delft University of Technology and an experienced consultant in organisational and management issues in many large companies.      

Xander Vehof

Xander Vehof is a successful entrepreneur in the narrowcasting business. Xander provides financial and organisational advice to the team. With his networking skills, he opens doors for the project and creates new opportunities.      

Martin van Meurs

Martin van Meurs is one of the most well-known Dutch speedsurfers. He is part of the NeilPryde team and one of few windsurfers ever to have recorded a speed above the 50 knot barrier. Martin is a technical expert and can be seen on Youtube discussing technical subjects relating to windsurfing. Further, Martin is a regular contributor to windsurfing.nl, the site where the Dutch windsurfing scene comes together. Martin van Meurs is participant in the USM series and co-initiator of gps-speedsurfing.com.      

Douwe Jan van der Zee

Douwe Jan van der Zee is a life long windsurfing, sailing and speed enthousiast and has designed and built a number of windsurf boards, boats and fins since 1982. As a windsurfer he participates in GPS speed competitions like the NK Speed, USM series and the ESM series.       

Alexander van Stapele

ir. Alexander van Stapele is a mechanical engineer from the Delft University of Technology and senior engineer at a mechanical engineering company in The Netherlands. Alexander van Stapele is an experienced sailor and provides general technical advice to the project.      

Paul Glasius

Paul Glasius provides technical assistance to the team and has offered a construction site on the waterfront of the IJsselmeer, near the HQ of the team in Amsterdam. Paul is an enthousiastic kitesurfer.

Albert-Jan Verburg

ir. Albert-Jan Verburg is a phyisicist from the Eindhoven University of Technology and is active as a mechanical engineer on the Wiebel team. Albert-Jan advises on all aspects of the Wiebel design, including fin design, rudder design, overall static and dynamic considerations, course stability, constructional aspects, hull design, planing behaviour and other subjects.      

Wouter Kuipers

ir. Wouter Kuipers is a mechanical engineer from the Delft University of Technology and senior engineer at one of the largest maritime construction companies for innovative offshore equipment in the world. Wouter Kuipers is a specialist in dynamic behaviour of complex equipment at sea. On top of that, Wouter Kuipers is an experienced sailor.

Simon Hart

Simon Hart has provided great assistance during testing and recording videos.