Double action sail

Sailrocket has proven many things in its record runs. One of the most important things that Sailrocket has proven is that a high speed sailboat needs to have a double action rig, i.e. a sail/wing that produces both thrust and lift. It is the combination of thrust and lift that pulls the boat upwards and drives the boat over the water.

Designing sails/wings has become a three dimensional puzzle. The optimisation of the airflow is not easy, all the more because the direction of the apparent wind varies over the height of the sail/wing. At Wiebel, we have succeeded in developing a cutting edge double action sail, providing you with the high performance you need. 

The double action rig is not a complete copy of the Sailrocket rig, but combines aspects of the rig of Sailrocket with windsurfing technology. The orientation of the rig in action is different from the orientation of Sailrocket's rig. This is due to the fact that Wiebel does not have the zero-heel concept of Sailrocket, but is a boat that is capable of changing tack. The orientation is also different from the orientation of an average windsurf sail in action. This is due to the fact that the boat allows the sail to produce more lift than a wind surf sail does.