Mast position

In the second generation Wiebel rig, the support mast has been moved forward to support the sail at around 75 percent of the height.

Integration of features

Some known sailboats have one or more of the distinguishing features of Wiebel.


In the second generation Wiebel rig, the way in which the boat changes tack has been improved. The boat is designed to jibe. During the jibe, the boom swings over the bow over an angle of more than 270 degrees.

The rail

The rail is an important part of the Wiebel design.

Double action sail

Sailrocket has proven many things in its record runs. One of the most important things that Sailrocket has proven is that a high speed sailboat needs to have a double action rig, i.e. a sail/wing that produces both thrust and lift. It is the combination of thrust and lift that pulls the boat upwards and drives the boat over the water.

Stepped hull

In side view, Wiebel has a stepped hull. This means that the boat has a great pitch stability. 

The era of the quad had begun

The Wiebel boat has four planing pods. See the image. Why?