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On efficiency


Efficiency is generally defined as the ratio between the forward component of the wind force on the sail/wing divided by the lateral wind force on the sail/wing. If the efficiency is high, the boat is fast, all else being equal.  That is why the AC72 boats and other multihulls have wings. The wings project vertically upwards, resulting in a high efficiency and very fast boats. 

Request to WSSRC


Developing a sailboat is not an easy task. In particular if the sailboat is very different from existing sailboats. It involves high costs and carries the prospect of only a limited return.

Fastest RC sailboat on scale


We have seen many videos on Youtube of multihulls on scale controlled by RC.


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We added a substantial part of the new Wiebel design to the website. Please give us your feedback, positive or negative. We want to know what you think. In the coming weeks, we will add some more. 

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Wiebel has a new website.