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Developing a sailboat is not an easy task. In particular if the sailboat is very different from existing sailboats. It involves high costs and carries the prospect of only a limited return.

Developing a boat on scale can save costs and speed up development time. It would be great if the WSSRC would acknowledge this and create a world record for scale model sailboats controlled with RC. 

For instance, a 100m record for boats having a sail under 1m2. 

This would truly provide a great stimulus to sailboat design, and provide great fun to many sailing enthousiasts with a limited budget.

Moreover, the current 500 meter record favours asymmetric boats like Sailrocket and Macquarie Innovation. These boats, great as they are, will never be true race boats because they can not change tack.

The WSSRC is requested to create a sprint record for symmetric boats. For instance 500 outright, a turn and then 500 back.

This is the kind of record the business needs for developing new race boats. 




Walter Hart



  • dculp

    The Measured Mile used to be bi-directional. The record speeds remained low, and the rules were changed to be identical to the 500 meter. There are no restrictions on entering two-way boats at either distance. All of the WSSRC records are the result of many years of trial, error and acceptance by the sport at large. Non-manned boats have been contemplated as well, then rejected. As have two-way, triangle, and circular courses. Very little hasn't been proposed over the years. Possibly these more esoteric courses result in rewarding development too similar to "ordinary" racing vessels, thus why re-invent them? If the Weibel Project is successful it will revolutionize sailing. Isn't that enough? :-)

    dculp Thursday, 25 April 2013
  • slynch

    I asked the same thing thinking more along the lines of a triangular course but got this response:

    This format had been tried previously by the WSSRC but had not proved practical due to the low speeds recorded and to the difficulty in setting course conditions which were constant at different venues.

    ps how fast is your rc boat?

    slynch Friday, 22 March 2013

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