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We just posted another video of a recent test. As is clear, the development of Wiebel is progressing steadily. We are currently making the first arrangements for a full size boat. One of the main questions is: how big should the boat become? Interestingly, the C-class catamarans is a box rule class.

The only rules are: maximum length 25 feet (7,62m), maximum width 14 (4,27m) feet and maximum wing/sail area less than 300 square feet (27,87m2). That is almost a perfect match for what we had in mind.

Wiebel in the C-class? Can it be done? Would it be a success? The thought of it is attractive. It will probably take some time before we can take a decision. If we build a first boat in full size, we can choose to keep the width, length and sail area within the box rules of the C-class and take the decision later.

On the latest developments, as you can see in the latest video, we are testing the boat in some wave action, to get a better understanding of the dynamics and the control. Overal the performance is quite good. There has been a lot of improvement on the frame, which is the central component of Wiebel. There has also been substantial improvements on the hulls. The rail has also been mounted on the frame, which means that the boat can jibe. There definitely are some points that need to be improved. It seems the boat is never really finished. Any comments on the video are appreciated. 

We hope to add some more videos soon.


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