Developing the scale model


Although the scale model on the video works quite good, it is nowhere near perfect. In particular, the gap between the sail and the water is too big.

The scale model is currently being modified. The modifications include:

The four boards are modified. In the previous model the four boards were the same. In the new model there will be four different boards. The rear boards will be extended to create more volume and reduce the pitch angle. The height of all the boards will be decreased. The pitch angle of the forward boards will also be reduced but to lesser extent, because this brings along a risk of forward flips.

The width of the boards will be increased by about ten percent. The roll angle of the boards will be adjusted. The rear ends of the boards will be modified and will become asymmetric, thereby increasing the effective width of the boat.

A new frame has been made, which is a bit lighter and which is made with a view of scaling it up to full size. The carbon beams are now square instead of circular, which brings certain advantages.

The finbox has been changed and the angle of attack of the fin is also changed.

All in all we hope that the new version will be faster than the old version while retaining enough buoyancy to stay afloat in Archimedes mode.

We hope to bring you more entertaining videos of new speed trials soon.


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